Way to save ink of your printer

by Printer Technical Service

Posted on August 11, 2017 at 4:30 PM

If you are a printer user and wants to save your ink, then this article has something useful for you. You might know that a printer runs on ink and there are so many factors which affect the draining of printer ink. Printer cartridges are very costly and if you put some of your effort in finding how you can save the printer ink, then it may save your money. If you find some critical errors which are causing drainage of your printer ink, they you should quickly take online printer support from experienced technicians.

Here are some ways which you can use to save your printer ink.

  • Using Eco font method helps you a lot in saving your printer ink. This is because this method injects some holes in the font.
  • Read all of your important documents properly before applying print command. It helps you to avoid paper and ink wastage simultaneously.
  • Use your printer at Econo fast setting/ fast draft unless there is a high quality need.
  • Use such programs which allow you to choose useful part of the document and to discard the part which is not needed.
  • Black cartridges are suggested. Use black cartridges, it is much affordable than color cartridges.
  • You should always use the print preview option because it provides you an idea of how page will look after printing is complete.
  • First switch off printer by using printer’s power switch and then turn off the main supply.
  • Sponge your printer device heads only when it is essential. Otherwise avoid it. It wastes cartridge ink.
  • When printer or toner reports cartridges vacant. Do not purchase new cartridges instantly. A printer usually shows the cartridge vacant when 10 to 30% ink is left.
  • So, these are the some ways you can use to save the ink of your printer and ultimately money. If you are facing technical problems in printer cartridges, then you can consult an expert on Printer tech support number.


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