Quick solutions for five common technical problems in HP printer

by Printer Technical Service

Posted on July 28, 2017 at 4:30 PM

There are many technical problems which can occur in HP printer. Some of the common problems are written below.

brother printer problems and solution

1. Slow printing problems

Images of high resolution have more data to work with for your PC and printer. This is the reason for slow printing speed of your HP printer. If you are not working for gallery quality pics, then choose draft, standard or normal mode for Office documents. If you are working for presentations, you should put your printer on high quality mode. Change the mode to simplex mode as it takes less time in one side printing problems.

PCL is best for faster office printing and Post script is very good for graphics applications and industries.

2. Printer jams problem

You can take some help from user guide and control panel instructions. Inspect the paper path and remove any kind of material which is jamming the path. Be gentle and careful. If there is a misaligned paper which is causing the paper jams or printer jams, then position it correctly. You should use only that kind of paper for printing purpose which is supported by your HP printer. If you have any confusion, you can contact at HP printer tech support phone number.

3. Bad looking prints problems

Check your HP printer drivers and also check the paper loaded in the tray. It should be matching with the type selected in the hp printer driver. Check whether your toner cartridges are damaged or not. Refer to user guide for toner cartridge information. If you are getting spots, print various sheets and spot will ultimately fade.

4. Printer not printing

In this case, your HP printer seems to be dead. It is also a big problem which occurs in HP printer.Hp printer not printing properly. Solution: Firstly check to which printer the print job has been the job. You might be printing so many documents in the next department. For making your main printer as default, just click on ‘navigate to Printers and Faxes in Windows’. Now, right click on your printer icon and select Set as default printer. If you have any confusion, you can call on HP printer customer support number.

You should check whether there is enough and supported kind of paper. Please make sure that your printer is turned on and all cables are secure. USB as well as network connected computers need that the printer driver should be installed on the computer you are printing from. Restart your software application. If it is not working, just reboot your computer. And then, just switch off HP printer for a minute.

5. Old age and outdated technology

Accept that your printer is of Old age and it is of old technology. So, you should try to replace your HP printer in order to sustain your business. When you are ready for a replacement, take a new printer with a service contract. If you are still facing in your HP printer problem, just contact at HP printer customer service number.


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