How to troubleshoot common problems in your HP printer?

by Printer Technical Service

Posted on August 25, 2017 at 03:11 PM

Hp Printers are wonderful devices which are used to perform important task. You use your HP printer to take a print out of your documents, curriculum vitae and other useful documents. Sometimes, printer shows technical trouble which irritates the user. Some technical issues with their troubleshooting are given below.

Your HP printer is not printing at all

When your printer is not printing, you need to check the major cause behind this problem. Start with connection error checking, it might be the case that your connection is not proper. Also check your hp printer driver settings, default hp printer settings and hp wireless printer setup. If you find something wrong which is not proper, you can take the help of hp printer tech support number.

Your Hp printer is running at slow speed

All printers run at different speed, laser printer run at faster speed as compared to inkjet printers. But if your printer is running slower than normal speed then you need to check spooler and other settings that affect your hp printer speed.

printer troubleshooting

Printer showing paper jam problem

This is the most frequent technical problem that results into paper wastage. Whenever a paper jam is there, there is an indication in the form of red or orange flash light with a beep sound or a warning message. You can remove paper by opening printer cover. Ensure that paper is aligned in a proper manner in the tray.

If you are still facing paper jam problem, then consult an expert to reinstall hp printer setup.

Your HP printer is running out of ink

Most of the time when ink cartridge gets empty and there is no ink left in the cartridge, you get an indication of ink error message. If you use third party ink, you might get some ink related problem. Inks of low quality get dried easily and nozzles which are clogged create technical issue while printing.

Keep cleaning the printer head gently with a soft cloth. Avoid using low quality ink to avoid such technical trouble.

Printing quality is not good

When the print quality is not good, then either there is dirt accumulated at the nozzle or your ink cartridge is getting empty. Open the ink cartridge chamber and check printer head and nozzle. If nozzle is not clear, then gently clean it by using a soft cotton cloth.

You can call on hp printer repair service. Expert will diagnose your printer and check for other settings for getting good quality prints. Check for hp printer repair near me and it will help you to solve your query.

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